1.  Meets certification requirements as established by the State Department of Education.
2.  Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with administration, teachers, parents and students.
3.  Knowledge of behavioral and learning strategies.
4.  Meets all requirements as set forth by UDS #383 Board of Education.


REPORTS TO: District Director of Special Education/Building Principals.


To support students, regular classroom teachers, special education team and administration in the facilitation of full integration/least restrictive environment and services to students with  disabilities.

1.  Acts as team leader/case manager in the special education process to determine appropriate classroom placement and IEP development for students with disabilities.
2.  Provides consultation, educational assistance and resources to regular classroom teachers, special education team and administration.
3.  Provides leadership and assistance in special education program development and evaluation.
4.  Works with special and general education teachers, jointly and individually, to program for students based upon their unique instructional and behavioral needs.
5.  Ensures the implementation of all statutes, regulations, policies, and procedures for special education.
6.  Collaborates with general education teachers on curriculum development, student performance and progress.
7.  Works with students with disabilities on IEP goals and objectives and evaluation of the students’ progress.
8.  Serves as advocate for parents and students to assure least restrictive environment placements for each child needing special education and related services.
9.  Supervises, trains, and evaluates special education paraprofessionals.
10.  Helps arrange schedules in buildings, as requested, to facilitate inclusionary practices.
11.  Facilitates and administers appropriate state and local assessments for students with disabilities.
12.  Maintains all appropriate student records for reporting purposes to local, state and federal agencies and performs related work as assigned.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:    This is a full-time position.  Placement on Salary Schedule.  Fringe Benefits include: Health Insurance, Employers Paid 403B Contribution, Paid Sick & Personal Leave, Short-term Disability.


EVALUATION:    Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of teachers.