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Head Boys Basketball Coach - Middle School (Head Boys Basketball Coach - Middle School)

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TitleHead Boys Basketball Coach - Middle School
Posting IDHead Boys Basketball Coach - Middle School

Job Goal:  Leading students in the Basketball Progam at Anthony Middle School.  To properly prepare students to complete in interscholastic athletic activities and to help develop the student’s best character. 




  1. Oversees and coordinates his/her total program working with the activities director.
  2. Responsible for placement and utilization of assistant coaches on the staff. In the event the head coach prefers that an individual not work on his staff, reasons for removal should be submitted to the activities director well in advance of completion of contractual arrangements.
  3. Calls meetings with his/her staff periodically and consistently throughout the sports season. Selects assistant to act as head coach in his/her absence.
  4. Selects and determines who shall be participants, managers, and student assistants and their lettering criterion.
  5. Insures that each athlete turns in a physical examination form before being allowed to participate.
  6. Complies and submits initial eligibility list for activities director and makes additions when necessary.
  7. Responsible for the supervision of the team from the time school is dismissed until practice is concluded. At all meetings is responsible for the supervision of the team from arrival of members until participants have left school premises.
  8. Responsible for the conduct and behavior of the players in the school building property, on the playing field, in the lockers, showers, and gym. Also responsible for care and use of physical plant facilities during use. Prescribed rules of conduct apply to all road games.
  9. Head coach is responsible and accountable for the total season’s schedule and for recommending and assisting activities director in developing the following: practice schedules, game schedules, scrimmages, transportation, meal arrangements, etc.
  10. Practices should be held on a regular basis during season with the following exceptions: (a) game or meet days: (b) any vacation practices which violate KSHSAA rules; and (c) Sunday practices.
  11. Attends KSHSAA Rules Meeting and adheres to rules and regulations of KSHSAA.
  12. Determines the budget of the team and presents budget statement to the activities director after determination.
  13. Reports in writing all injuries to the activities director.
  14. Responsible for recommending the ordering of new equipment and supplies to the activities director
  15. Cleaning, checking of inventory, storing, securing, and repairing of all equipment.
  16. Presents a season summary including contest results, award winners, records for the sports, conference standing, and other pertinent data to the athletic director. 
  17. Responsible for completing evaluation form for each assistant coach in the program as well as for him/herself. Evaluation form established by the athletic director.
  18. Abides by the general policy rules and regulations of USD No. 383.
Shift TypePart-Time
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Start Date10/09/2019